Rental Booking

Do you charge a deposit?
Camera Solutions may require a deposit for the full replacement value of the rental equipment, or up to $1,500 per item, is required on first time rental. The deposit can be made with Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express cards. The deposit is made in the form of an Authorization Hold: the money is released once the item is returned: however at the bank’s discretion, specifically debit cards, they may not cancel the hold for up to 30 days. A valid driver License is also required.

Do you take reservations?
Yes, we do take reservations. You can make them as far 25 days in advance. Find the lens or body in our list, then simply click on the “Add to List” button and make your reservation on line. We will then email you with a confirmation number.

What comes with my lens or body rental?
Each product listing has a list of the items included in the rental. Generally, lenses come with lens hoods and a UV filter, bodies come with a battery, strap and charger.

When does my rental period begin and end?  Your rental begins the day your gear arrives, or the first day FedEx attempts delivery, whichever is first. Or on the scheduled pick up day and time. 

When is my credit card charged?
Your credit card is charged when your item is reserved. 

Should I clean the lens or body before returning?
No. Just simply put it back in the shipping container and ship it back to us. We will take care of all the cleaning.


We do not ship any rental equipment store pick up only for now. 


Do you charge late fees?
Yes, we do charge late fees. There have been a number of lenses and camera’s that have been several days late in being shipped back. The charge for the late fee is the daily rental per day no matter what equipment you have rented if it wasn’t returned by 11:00 AM.  The reason for the late fee is that this forces us to express ship some of the lenses to customers who are waiting for that particular lens and or not be able to deliver the equipment for our next reservation.  Please do not be late and you will not be assessed a late fee.


Do you offer any insurance or damage waiver on the lenses?
Yes, we offer a damage waiver on all our equipment. . The term “rental insurance” that allot of people use can be misleading since you’re not actually purchasing “insurance” per say. The only “insurance” you will get, is the “insurance” that you will not have to pay full price for replacing the equipment if it is damaged or broken in any way.

How much does it cost and should I get it?
Add 25% more on the daily rates and or weekly rates. As far as purchasing the damage waiver, that is up to you. It does give you peace of mind that you will not be paying 100% of the cost of the replacement cost  and the loss of rental fees .

If I choose to accept the damage waiver what does it cover?
With the Camera Solutions Damage Waiver coverage your exposure to repair fees is capped to no more than 25% of the retail value of the lens…. and best of all…. you are not required to pay loss of rental income  while the lens is in the shop!  DAMAGE WAIVER DOES NOT COVER WATER DAMAGE OF ANY SORT, SAND AND THEFT, THAT IS CONSIDERED NEGLIGENCE.

What if I choose to decline the damage waiver, then what?
If you decline to take the damage waiver, you will be responsible for 100% of the cost to repair or replace the equipment. Your credit card will be charged and you will be sent a receipt from Camera Solutions to show the repair or replacement costs.

What is not covered under damage waiver?
Theft or the loss of an item is not covered. Water damage and or any liquid damage will not be covered under the damage waiver. This means coffee, paint, water, and anything else that is liquid. You will be responsible for 100% of the cost to replace the lens.  Check your homeowners insurance because you might be covered under your own policy.

Is the damage waiver still in effect outside the U.S.?
No. Although we have no way to tell where the lens is damaged, we require you to keep our equipment in the U.S.

I changed my mind after I placed my order, can I still get the damage waiver?
Sure, as long as the lens has not been delivered. Once the lens shows delivered through tracking or picked up, you can no longer purchase the damage waiver


What if I find the lens or body is damaged or not working when I go to use it?

Email us or call us immediately and we will talk to discuss the situation and try a few things. If we find something is wrong we will replace the lens immediately (stock allowing). If the timing of your needing the lens does not work out we will refund the rental price and shipping costs once we have made absolutely sure that there was a problem. If by chance you ordered the wrong lens call us or email us and we will work with you on a solution. Full refunds cannot be given, however we will try to find the right lens or body for you. Your rental period will restart when you get the new lens or body. All of our lenses are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment or pick up. We will never send out a lens that has any scratches on the front or rear elements. Some minor scuffing on the body or lens hood might appear, but nothing that will affect image quality. Let us know if there is an issue with the rented equipment so we can make some pricing adjustment after the tech has examined the equipment. 

What if I damage the lens or body?
Let us know immediately. Our contract states if the lens or body is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs. Minor damage is repaired at the Canon, Nikon  and Sony or our own facility and we will charge you the actual repair cost, no more than that. If the lens or body cannot be fixed, you will be charged for the cost of the same lens or body at a comparable quality. You will also be charged rental while the lens or body is being repaired.

What would be considered damage to the lens or body?
ANY scratches or scuffs to the glass on either side, damage from impact to the mechanicals that would cause the lens or body not to function. This includes auto focus, focus, or zoom in or out. Water damage or moisture damage is also considered as the lens or body being damaged. Deep scratches and gashes to the barrel are considered damage. Light and minor scuff marks to the barrel or lens hood are considered normal use and will not be considered as damage to the lens or body. We will use the Canon, Nikon ,Sony and our repair center as arbitrators for any major conflicts. If they tell us there is water damage, moisture damage, mechanical damage caused by impact, you will be responsible for repairs and maybe the cost of replacing the lens or body.

How can you tell the lens or body was not damaged during shipment or prior to?
All of our lenses are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment. We will never send out a lens that has any scratches on the front or rear elements. All lenses and bodes are shipped in a well packed shipping box. Chances of the lens being damaged during shipment are next to nil. The lenses and bodies are packed with great care. If your box arrives damaged use discretion. If you do not feel comfortable DO NOT SIGN FOR IT. If you do sign for it and the box is damaged please get a photo of the box before opening as all shipments are insured. If the box was somehow mishandled we want to make sure it’s noted for both Camera Solutions Rentals and yourself. We understand that there might be an extremely rare occasion where the lens or body arrives damaged. SO PLEASE NOTE IT AND DOCUMENT IT for us and yourself.


Do you buy lenses or camera bodies?
Yes, we buy used equipment. Email us with the details of the equipment and we will get you a quote. If we are not interested  the equipment we will give you a reply back and even see if we can match you up with someone looking for the item’s you’re trying to sell.

Do you sell your lenses or camera bodies?
Yes, we sell all of our lenses and bodies in stock. We will sell our lenses and bodies for a fair market price of the same model and condition sold elsewhere to replace with new models.

I just rented a lens or body from you and I would like to buy a new one. . Can I get any sort of rental credit?
A lot of people like to try before they buy. If you rent the lens or body and decide you would like to purchace one, we will deduct one day rate from the purchase price.  Purchase must be made with in 2 days  after of the rental return.


What brands do you rent?
We rent Canon, Nikon and Sony equipment. 

Who picks your lens and body selection?
You the customer! We like to hear feedback of what lenses or bodies you’re looking for. If we deem it fit to put into our inventory we will do it. Upon that we can email you and let you know that we now carry that lens or body.


Do you discount for weekly rent?
Listed prices are for one day rental. additional day are discounted, so the weekly rate is approximately 4 rental days. 


Who are you?
We started Camera Solutions in May 1997 and just offered Camera Equipment Servicing. In September 2002 Camera Solutions started Sales of Camera equipment, and in 2006 Camera solutions started the rentals. Everything that involves Camera Solutions is related to the hard work of two camera technicians. We are locally owned business and you are going to be taken care of by someone who cares about making their customers happy