FotodioX Pro LED-312DS set of 2 Bi-Color LED Photo Video Light Kit

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2 Ball Head Tripod Adapters, 2 barndoors, 2 cases, 2 chargers, 2 manuals, 8 Batteries, car adapter
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FotodioX LED-312DS Overview

The FotodioX LED-312DS Bi-Color LED Photo Video Light Kit is built around a powerful LED light panel that lets you adjust the light’s color output anywhere between 5600K daylight and 3200K tungsten color temperatures. The 312DS is compact and versatile enough for a wide variety of shooting scenarios, while remaining lightweight enough to bring along on every project. The kit includes two 2200mAh NP-F550 7.4V batteries, a dual charger, multi-voltage AC adapter, car charger, ball joint bracket with cold shoe, collapsible barn doors, slide-in diffusion and conversion panels, and a carrying case.

A full spectrum is offered full by 156 ultra-bright 5600K LEDs and 156 3200K LEDs, rendering soft light that’s ideal for location and studio productions for both photographers and filmmakers. Control features include 10-100% dimming via a simple control while a second control adjusts the color temperature. You can choose 3200K or 5600K or anything in between to balance with ambient light or other fixtures. Settings appear on a rear LCD panel display that also shows the remaining battery level.

The kit includes 4 way barndoors to control spill and sculpt the light. A diffusion panel is also included, as is a CTO conversion panel. Channels all around the light allow multiple 312DSs to be joined together for more power and a larger light source. The 312DS can operate with or without AC power thanks to the inclusion of an AC adapter and a pair of Sony NP-style batteries and dual intelligent charger.

Attributes and Benefits
LCD screen displays brightness, color temperature and battery life
10-100% Power dimmer dial with off position
Battery mounts for 2 Sony NP-style batteries
Adjustable color temperature from 3200 to 5600K
Color Rating Index > 92
Top, bottom and side dovetail mounts and 1/4″-20 female thread mount
Removable ball joint adapter with cold shoe mount
156 Tungsten and 156 Daylight LEDs in alternating rows
Lighting is adjustable to match mixed lighting scenarios

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